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L. Chabot Enterprises Ltd. is an established Winnipeg-based heavy construction company specializing in sand, gravel, and stone crushing and delivery; road construction; earthworks; site development, and more. From large-scale public works projects to smaller initiatives to enhance your home and community, Chabot brings its commitment to excellence to every job.

Fully owned equipment and trucking fleet, pits, and quarries, enables total schedule control on projects. We can take on emergency and tight-turnaround projects on time and on budget. Chabot is a one-stop shop for projects of all sizes.

More than anything else, we take pride in our ability to solve problems – big and small. We recognize that every project has unique challenges. For us, there are no cookie-cutter jobs, just customized solutions.

We work with leading engineering firms and employ rigid quality control systems to ensure that every project is properly executed – every time. The right product, the right process, the right result.

We are guided by the following performance principles:

  • We develop EXPERTISE through experience and continuous learning.
  • We focus on achieving the highest standards of QUALITY.
  • We are committed to the SAFETY of our personnel, our partners, our clients, and our environment.
  • We embrace INNOVATION to serve our clients better.
  • We celebrate PARTNERSHIPS with our clients, communities, and the experts we engage.


  • With a half-century of experience, we have learned how to meet your needs.
  • We are committed to delivering the right products and services – on time, every time.
  • With expertise, come good decision-making and efficiency. We respect your schedules and budgets.
  • Our people will understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and help you get there the best way possible.


  • We own our own pits and quarries and can provide the right material for each and every project.
  • Our projects are built to last.
  • We work with experts to make the right decisions for your project.
  • We will exceed your expectations with our efficiency, our professionalism, and our attention to detail.


  • Protecting our personnel, our partners, our clients, and our environment is our highest priority.
  • Chabot is financially well-established and bondable to eight figures.
  • We have comprehensive insurance coverages (CGL, SRE, MPI) and Workers Compensation Board coverage.
  • We are COR™ National Standard Safety Program Certified, and we employ rigorous internal practices to maintain that certification.
  • We train and empower every employee to keep our worksites safe.
  • Our safety program is comprehensively reviewed regularly and improved based on the input of our team and external partners.


  • We have succeeded for over 50 years because we have always been willing to innovate. We can find solutions to any challenge.
  • We are always looking to acquire new technologies and equipment, perfect new approaches, and improve our productivity.
  • With our clients, we aim to be proactive. On job sites, we do what’s possible to prevent future problems.
  • We like to lead.


  • We are proud to work with leading engineers, arborists, soil experts, and other professionals committed to the same values we are.
  • We are committed to acts of corporate social responsibility and charity in the communities where we work. It’s how we express our gratitude for over a half century of support.
  • We take great pride that our growth provides employment opportunities to young Manitobans.
  • We are very aware that successful projects contribute to the quality of life in a community. It’s a responsibility we do not take lightly.

For excellence, integrity, expertise, and attention to detail, contact Chabot today.


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PHONE: (204) 224-1565
FAX: (204) 222-4754

25002 Hazelridge Road
Oakbank, Manitoba R5N 0E9