Grade Widening PTH 1 Brokenhead River to GWWD Railway (east-bound) MIT #6438

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This multi-year project on Hwy #1 East of Winnipeg stretched over 33KM from Brokenhead River to the RM of Reynolds. This project provided a huge growth opportunity for Chabot and resulted in increased employment and business opportunities to local personnel, businesses and our own workforce. We are pleased to report the project is scheduled for completion on-schedule and has paved the way for further improvements along Hwy#1 East.

Type of Service: Road Construction, Aggregate Crushing

Client: Manitoba Infrastructure

Location: PTH101 East of Winnipeg, Manitoba

Year: 2014-2016

Project Overview

Section I - PTH 1 (Grade Widening)
Construction of a widened embankment and gravel shoulders with drainage improvements on the eastbound lanes of Provincial Trunk Highway 1, from the Brokenhead River to the Greater Winnipeg Water District (GWWD) Railway, for a total construction distance of 32.0km, in the Municipality of Reynolds,
Section II - PTH 1 (Detour Construction)
Removal of existing median crossover detours located at Birch River, construction of median crossover detours at Whitemouth River and intersection improvements at Provincial Road 503, in the Municipality of Reynolds,
Section III - PTH 1 (Left Turn Lane)
Construction of a left turn lane on the westbound lane of Provincial Trunk Highway 1, at the Intersection of Provincial Road 503 for a total construction distance of 0.35km, in the Municipality of Reynolds,

Scope of Work

  1. Common Excavation
  2. Bench Cuts
  3. Composite Fill Placement of 220,000m3
  4. Removing Asphalt Pavement
  5. Crushing and Placement of 260,000 tonne of Granular Base Course Class “A”

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